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Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here OpenAI announces latest chatbot,

Daily Safeguarding News2023-03-15T11:08:00+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here WhatsApp: Rather be blocked

Daily Safeguarding News2023-03-10T11:24:13+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Twitch is taking action

Daily Safeguarding News2023-03-09T11:35:19+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Snapchat not removing enough under

Daily Safeguarding News2023-03-06T10:38:55+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here ChatGPT is dark web’s ‘hottest topic’

Daily Safeguarding News2023-03-03T10:21:37+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here TikTok have announced new features

Daily Safeguarding News2023-03-02T11:50:08+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Encrypted message app Signal in

Daily Safeguarding News2023-02-27T10:29:16+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Games developers issued new guidance

Daily Safeguarding News2023-02-17T10:04:31+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here New UK support to help

Daily Safeguarding News2023-02-16T12:41:20+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Childline contacted twice a day by

Daily Safeguarding News2023-02-09T11:42:29+00:00

How safe is the JusTalk App?


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here What is the JusTalk app and is

How safe is the JusTalk App?2023-02-17T15:21:44+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Your Content Goes Here Your Content Goes Here Meta’s ‘Horizon Worlds’ may soon

Daily Safeguarding News2023-02-08T11:21:53+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Gaming inside sad rooms accessed by searching ‘depressed’ on Roblox Searching ‘depressed’ on Roblox takes

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-30T11:50:41+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


TikTok expands DM settings TikTok has expanded its direct messaging settings, enabling users to choose

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-27T10:45:53+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime reportedly being used by predators to target children Action against

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-26T13:44:44+00:00

Safer Internet Day 2023 – Resources


At Safer Schools NI, we believe that every day should be a safer internet day for children and young people. To

Safer Internet Day 2023 – Resources2023-01-27T16:56:56+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Veteran delighted with success of teaching tool Buddy Box is a free online learning tool

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-25T10:56:55+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Meta moves to next stages of full messaging encryption Despite concerns from various authorities, Meta

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-24T11:06:15+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


TikTok confirms that its own employees can decide what goes viral TikTok has confirmed that

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-23T11:59:45+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Instagram release new time management, parental control and managing recommendations tools Instagram have announced the

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-20T10:52:32+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


UN education report: Young people don’t think politicians listen to them Reports submitted to the United

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-19T12:13:42+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Rising tide of poverty ‘undermining children’s life chances’ In a survey of 1,300 health visitors

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-18T10:59:24+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Children younger than five experiencing sexual harassment A survey from Crimestoppers and the University of

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-17T11:23:00+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


How schools and universities are preparing for AI software ChatGPT The emergence of ChatGPT has

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-12T12:05:44+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


Instagram and Facebook introduce more limits on targeting young people with ads Meta is changing

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-11T14:12:41+00:00

Daily Safeguarding News


TikTok testing sleep reminders feature TikTok is testing new sleep reminders that are designed to

Daily Safeguarding News2023-01-09T12:30:18+00:00
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