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March 15, 2023

OpenAI announces latest chatbot, GPT-4

  • OpenAI has released the latest version of popular AI chatbot GPT-4.
  • The new model can respond to images and process up to 25,000 words.
  • Millions have used ChatGPT since it launched in November 2022.
  • Uses for the technology include writing songs and helping with homework, although teachers largely don’t condone the use of it.
  • OpenAI have warned that whilst it has been trained on human feedback it may still be prone to sharing disinformation.
  • GPT-4 will initially only be available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.
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PM became more aware of online risks ‘when daughter got her own phone’

  • Rishi Sunak has said that his daughter getting her own phone made him more aware of the risks to children when going online.
  • He has stated that the Online Safety Bill was a “necessary piece of legislation”.
  • Mr Sunak believes that the law would mean being able to “regulate what children are exposed to”.
  • The Prime Minister has said the Bill will give parents peace of mind and reassurance as to what their children are exposed to and proper age controls.
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Online child grooming crimes rise by a third, say PSNI

  • Police figures have revealed crimes involving children being contacted by sexual predators have risen by nearly a third.
  • Online child sexual communication has increased by more than 30% from 2021.
  • The possession and distribution of indecent images has increased by 22%.
  • Officers from the Child Internet Protection Team secured 83 convictions last year, an increase of 38% from 2021.
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Primary school counselling service ‘unlikely to continue’ as budget pressure mounts

  • The Department of Education await news of what they expect will be “an extremely challenging budget.”
  • Counselling and therapeutic services for primary schools is “unlikely to continue” after this month due to the challenging new budget for 2023-24.
  • The Pilot scheme will operate until the end of March and is subject to an independent evaluation.
  • Many children have benefitted from the pilot and mental health charities have warned about the devastating impact the loss of service could potentially have.
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