Veteran delighted with success of teaching tool

  • Buddy Box is a free online learning tool that was created by Mark Hill in 2018, to help teach English to refugee children in schools.
  • It has since been used to teach English and maths to pupils worldwide.
  • The project started out as a series of around 60 flashcards that translated Arabic to English and has since progressed to a cloud-based resource with virtual teachers.
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New trend sees Grandparents turning to gaming with the younger generation

  • New research from Samsung has shown that 85% of over 65s enjoy gaming at least once a week and more than a third game every day.
  • 42% use gaming to bond and spend time with family members.
  • Nearly a quarter of overs 65s are gaming to improve their mood and cognitive functioning.
  • Although this older generation are seemingly enjoying gaming, 32% do not understand the technology and 31% state ‘needing someone to explain how to play’.
  • To help the older generation, Samsung have teamed up with Twitch and Youtuber, Gee Nelly to teach TikTok star, Grandad Frank to game.
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Northern Ireland’s first children’s ambulance to be launched

  • The Children’s Heartbeat Trust will be launching the first ever ambulance for children in Northern Ireland to make their journeys more comfortable.
  • The ambulance will be unveiled in an event at the Titanic Quarter today.
  • Approximately 200 children are born with congenital heart disease every year in NI, which means trips to Dublin and beyond for specialist medical treatment.
  • The bespoke ambulance was commissioned by the Children’s Heartbeat Trust and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Services with support from the Northern Ireland Specialist Transport and Retrieval service.
  • Features of the ambulance include space themed décor, sensory equipment, a Playstation and tablet facilities to entertain children during their journey.
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