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March 2, 2023

TikTok have announced new features for young people and families

  • TikTok have announced improvements to their screen time tool with additional custom options.
  • They are also introducing new default settings for ‘teen’ accounts and expanding Family Pairing to include more parental controls.
  • Over the coming weeks, every account belonging to a user under the age of 18 will automatically adhere to a 60-minute daily screen time limit.
  • If the 60 minute limit is reached, younger users will have to enter a passcode to continue to watch, promoting a more active decision making processes.
  • If users opt out of the 60 minute default, they will be prompted to set a daily screen limit if they exceed 100 minutes a day on the platform.
  • Users will get a weekly inbox notification with a recap of their screen time.
  • Caregivers will now be able to use Family Pairing to customise daily screen time limits for their young person which can be monitored on a new Screen time dashboard.
  • Parents will also be able to set a schedule to mute notifications for their young person.
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Snapchat will now let you pause your Snap Streaks

  • Snapchat have announced that they are testing the ability to pause snap streaks.
  • A streak is when you send a snapchat message to your friend at least once every 24 hours.
  • Snap streaks are important to a lot of Snapchat users, so being able to pause and not worry about breaking them if they don’t have access to the app will decrease stress.
  • The platform have said that users will have “the option to add more Streak Restores right from the app”.
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South Belfast Parents stage protests over concerns of sex offenders being housed locally

  • Parents in South Belfast have been protesting over sex offenders and anti-social elements being housed in their area.
  • A group of parents from the Sandy Row and Donegall Road area held a protest near a local hostel where the alleged offender was staying.
  • One parent has said, “We are sick and tired of our children being put at risk” adding that something needed to be done to show they would not put up with it anymore.
  • Management of the hostel have made assurances that they do not take referrals from anyone with charges or convictions relating to sexual offences.
  • DUP councillor Tracey Kelly stated she attended the “peaceful protest” where local parents voiced their concerns to the staff and management of the hostel, about how this has happened.
  • Upon the discovery of the offender’s presence at the hostel, he has since been removed.
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