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Here at Safer Schools NI, we believe that every day should be a safer internet day for children and young people. That’s why for 2022’s Safer Internet Day, we’ve put together a list of all our resources we create year-round, to help you safeguard the children and young people in your care online.

Safer Internet Day 2022’s theme is ‘exploring respect and relationships online’. From online bullying to LGBTQ+ and the power of words, we have resources on a range of topics designed to help children and young people develop and maintain safer, healthier relationships with others online.

All our resources below have been created by our online safeguarding experts. For teachers and school staff, the Teach Hub website contains lesson plans and classroom resources like posters and activity packs. The Home Learning Hub is the place to find resources like videos and activity packs for parents, carers and the whole family! You’ll find links to both our Hubs in the Further Resources section at the bottom of this article.

Bullying Resources

No child or young person should experience bullying – for those that do, they shouldn’t have to face it alone. By understanding how and why bullying happens online, you’ll be equipping yourself with the tools needed to support anyone in your care who is going through bullying.

Section of the cyberhero anti-bullying resource shown

Be a

Help young people in your care become Cyberheroes against villainous online bullies. Designed for ages 7-11-year-olds and a great poster resource for the classroom.

sad girl looking at her phone in the dark

Dealing with Cyberbullying

Learn the basics of what online bullying is and how to help a victim.

two boys laughing at someone

10 Signs of

Could you spot the signs that someone’s being bullied? Find out what you should be looking out for.

a mother looking at flash cards with her son

3 Ways to Discuss Cyberbullying with Children with Autism

Three ways to talk to a child with autism about bullying and advice on how to support them through the next steps.

Screenshot of the bullying beyond the classroom animation

Bullying Beyond the Classroom

A short story being told through the eyes of a young person who’s being bullied at school and online.

illustration of a multi-headed monster holding mutiple phones

What is


Learn about what trolling is and how it can impact children and young people.

two boys laughing at someone

When your Child

is the Bully

If your child is bullying others, find out how to help and what to do next.

Illustration of some devil emojis and a phone

Online Challenges

This resource supports your schools in their response to online challenges and harmful content.

Encouraging Kind Words for Safer Internet Day

Screenshot of the 'what are your words worth' resource

What Are Your Words Worth?

This pack is perfect for a Safer Internet Day activity for secondary schools. It’s designed to help pupils reflect about comments they make on social media or gaming platforms and how those words may impact others.

screenshot of the 'random acts of kindness' resource

Random Acts of Kindness

Lesson resources about what kindness is and why’s it so important. Designed for 7–11-year-olds. You’ll find the accompanying PowerPoint version over on Teach Hub in our primary school resources section.

Wellbeing Resources for Safer Internet Day

young girl being comforted by her mother

5 Ways Young People Can Cope with Stress

Learn how to help young people who are struggling to cope with stress and anxiety.

sad girl stands by a window

Talking to Young People About Suicide

Find out how to talk to a young person about suicide and get further resources and support.

More Resources to Discover!

Keeping children and young people safe online doesn’t end when Safer Internet Day is over. It’s a year-round task that requires a whole-school approach. That’s why we’re always creating new resources for both parents, carers and school staff.

Teach Hub is packed full of practical, useable resources for the classroom that are designed to be age-appropriate, relevant and up to date with the ever-changing online world. Find your next online safety lesson plan here and register for free today.

Our Home Learning Hub helps parents and carers to help the children and young people in their care be safer online. The resources are created to be easy to use and accessible for the whole family. Access the Hub here.

In Northern Ireland? Sign up for the brand-new Safer Schools NI App! It’s jam-packed with online safeguarding resources for school staff, parents and carers, and students. Find out more here or download it today through the App Store or Google PlayStore!

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Who are your Trusted Adults?

The Trusted Adult video explains who young people might speak to and includes examples of trusted adults, charities and organisations.

Pause, Think and Plan

Use our video for guidance and advice around constructing conversations about the online world with the children in your care.

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What is

Poppy Playtime: Online Safety Review

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When Your Child is the Bully