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The Home Learning Hub is our free library of resources to support parents and carers who are taking the time to help their children be safer online. We have adapted our classroom-based resources to make them easily accessible for everyone.

A brief description explains each resource, so once you are ready simply click the ‘download’ buttons.

Resources for Primary School Children

Tailored specifically for younger children in your care, these resources will help teach them the fundamental foundation skills of how to stay safer online.

Get to know what specific trends and threads are aimed at primary school ages, as well as valuable knowledge like ‘Password Protection’ through interactive guides here!

screenshot of influencers powerpoint


Ages: 7-11

This lesson looks at what an influencer is, what they do, how they make money and a couple of things for your pupils to be wary of when watching & following their favourite gamers, creators and celebs.

screenshot of what is kindness powerpoint

Random Acts of Kindness

Ages: 7-11

Inspired by ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’, this lesson looks at what kindness is, why it is important and how we can help play our part in a kinder world.

screenshot of fakenews powerpoint

Fake News

Ages: 7-11

This lesson aims to give children the skills and knowledge to identify and challenge Fake News, whether they see it online, in the newspaper or on TV.

screenshot of image sharing powerpoint

Image Sharing

Ages: 10-11

This lesson looks at consent for the use of images, as well as what to do if you see or even share an indecent image online. The task allows children to reflect on how easily and how far an image can spread online.

screenshot of pegi age ratings powerpoint

PEGI Age Ratings

Ages: 7-11

This lesson teaches children all about the age ratings which are used on games. We use some fun screen recordings of games to stimulate discussion around online safety when gaming. Children (and maybe even adults) will learn the PEGI ratings for popular games such as Fortnite, Minecraft and FIFA.

illustration of safe passwords primary powerpoint


Ages: 7-11

This lesson teaches primary children about one of the most important aspects of online safety: passwords. They will learn what makes a password safer, all of the do’s and don’ts and why we need strong passwords. This lesson includes a fun worksheet which allows children to practice creating their own password.

teacher and pupil illustration

Online Bullying

Ages: 7-11

This discussion-based lesson allows children to reflect on how best to respond to bullying. The lesson contains 3 engaging and relevant animations which help to stimulate an important discussion around bullying.

family screen time mockups

Family Screen Time Pack

Ages: 5-11

Want to avoid your child or young person spending too much time glued to their phone or xbox, and not out in the sun? Check out our our activities pack for some tips on how to promote healthy screen time habits!

cyber-hero pdf mockup

Be a Cyber-hero

Ages: 7-11

Help young people in your care become Cyberheroes against villainous online bullies.

password creator pack pdf mock up

Password Creator Pack

Ages: 3+

Use this resource with the child in your care to teach them all about passwords. The fun colouring sheets and interactive game will provide you with the platform to talk about what passwords are, why they’re important and how we create one.

thank you teacher card preview

Thank a Teacher Card

Ages: 5-11

Download and print out this ‘Thank You’ card for the child in your care’s teacher. Children can colour in the card, draw a picture of their favourite teacher and write them a message of thanks.

online bullying primary graphic

Online Bullying

Ages: 5-11

This lesson enables parents and carers to engage primary school-aged children in learning about online bullying, in an accessible way. Using videos and animations that create scenarios, children will reflect on and develop appropriate responses. Parents and carers are supported with key information including recent statistics to help facilitate the conversation.

screen time pack mock ups

Summer Screen Time Activities Pack


Want to avoid your child or young person spending too much time glued to their phone or xbox,

and not out in the sun? Check out our our activities pack for some tips on how to promote healthy screen time habits!



This journal has been designed to build the emotional intelligence and resilience of young people, offering them the opportunity to reflect and process their emotions. Keeping emotions to ourselves can be harmful, and the Emotions Journal provides a healthy way to express these feelings 



We have made a Gratitude Journal for young people at home (and young people at heart) to write down the things we’re grateful for, helping us have a positive mindset everyday!