TikTok school videos ‘causing real distress’

  • Schools across Northern Ireland have been targeted by TikTok accounts in which pupils rate their teachers.
  • The Police report that the videos had caused “real distress” to those targeted.
  • They warn that some of the content was abusive and may constitute a crime under the misuse of telecommunications act or be considered harassment.
  • The PSNI confirmed that fake TikTok accounts were set up for local schools.
  • Teacher’s union NASUWT claim that several schools were affected, with some teachers taking sick leave as a result.
  • The police and the union urge that pupils need to be made aware of the consequences of this and that schools and governors should co-operate with the PSNI to ensure this is properly investigated.
  • Check out our blog post for more information and advice.
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Among Us new update introduces roles and ‘cosmicubes’

  • Among Us’ new update introduces ‘roles’ for players, bringing new gameplay to the popular social deduction game.
  • In Among Us, players play as crewmates and secret imposters who try to eliminate the crewmates while tasks are being completed.
  • The new roles have their own unique abilities and include ‘scientist’, ‘engineer’ and ‘guardian angel’ for crewmates and the ‘shapeshifter’ for imposters.
  • These are directly inspired by the popular ‘Town of US’ game modification (mod) created by the Among Us community.
  • The update also introduces ‘Cosmicubes’ – these are cubes containing exclusive cosmetics (personalising add-ons like hats) for their characters.
  • This update comes ahead of the upcoming release of Among Us on Xbox and PlayStation on the 14th of December.
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Scammers target 40% of people in Northern Ireland in last three years

  • The Consumer Council reports that 40% of people have been targeted by a scam in the past three years.
  • The PSNI warn of the increase in scams targeting people through social media and online shopping.
  • Superintendent Gerard Pollock of the PSNI stated that there has been a significant rise in reported scams since 2016.
  • The PSNI reported a total of 5,825 reports of fraud in 2020/21, rising from 2,230 in 2015/16.
  • Scamwise NI was started by organisation including the PSNI, Department of Justice, The Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Policing Board.
  • This was in response to the growing number of scams circulating in Northern Ireland.
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