Your Safer Schools NI App!


As professionals within education, you will recognise that safeguarding the children and young people in your care is paramount. The Safer Schools NI App will provide you with information, guidance, and support to help you educate and protect those in your care.
The App keeps you up to date with the current trends, threats and risks to children and young people, all sent straight to your device.

When you need information about online safety, whether that be the latest gaming buzzwords doing the rounds in the playground, or keeping up to speed with the most recent risks on platforms like TikTok, Roblox, Snapchat and more, your Safer Schools App can help!

You can access contemporary and relevant safeguarding content that you can trust. Signposting to further help and support for issues such as image sharing, harmful content, managing mental health and more. Your App offers you support when engaging children and young people in conversations on these critical issues.

Your app will benefit you because…

  • It allows you to communicate an important announcement or inform parents of the latest school news. Use our push notification technology available on your Safer Schools portal to send these updates directly to your school community.
  • Use the Online Safety Centre to get help with reporting, blocking, and muting on various several platforms.
  • Provides the opportunity to gain CPD Certifications with the in-App Professional Development safeguarding training. Courses include Mental Health Awareness, Youth Produced Imagery, Appropriate Use of Social Media and more.
  • Keeps you up to date with the current trends, threats and risks to children and young people online – from the latest online viral challenge to dangerous chat rooms, your app will keep you informed with practical advice and guidance.
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If your school has not registered yet but you would like access, use the Download and Login instructions below for the ‘Department of Education’ account, alongside the appropriate code for your role in the school community. When you are selecting your school/organisation, enter ‘Department of Education’.

Programme of Work

Safeguarding Lead


Safeguarding Lead



Do you want more online safety classroom resources? Look no further than our Teach Hub! This is a free library of resources created for teachers by teachers, specifically designed for teaching in your classroom. You will find age-appropriate lessons on topics such as Image Sharing, Bullying, Influencers, Trusted Adults and more. Each lesson contains a PowerPoint with animations, crib notes, interactive activities and worksheets.


In your Safer Schools NI App, you will have the opportunity to complete Professional Development and CPD Certified Courses. You’ll get access to courses such as Safeguarding Level One, Youth Produced Imagery and Mental Health Awareness.