Last Updated on 5th February 2024

Safer Internet Day 2024

In the Online Safety Show, we take some of the most talked about news stories and look at how they impact online safety. Each episode, we’ll be talking about topics and trends, speaking to experts in digital and online safety, and getting advice that you can use to stay safer online.

Inspiring Change: Geolocation Guide
& Online Safety Act Explained

Join Natalie, Tyla, and Tech-spert Ryan in a special Safer Internet Day edition of The Online Safety Show! Explore the theme of ‘Inspiring Change,’ delve into the wonders of geolocation with Ryan, and demystify the Online Safety Act with our digital detective. Learn how to make a lasting impact on online safety, every day!

Tech Temptations:
Airdrop Advice & Phone Ban Debate

Join Natalie and Tyla in Episode 2 of The Online Safety Show as we tackle the pressure to buy the latest tech, explore essential device safety tips with our Tech-spert Ryan, and unveil the results of our school mobile phone ban survey. Discover how to resist tech temptations and ensure your online safety. Don’t miss out on the expert insights and thought-provoking discussion!

Think Before You Trend:
TikTok News & AI Insights

Join Natalie and Tyla in the pilot episode of The Online Safety Show as we explore the increased worry over harmful TikTok challenges, uncover the trend of young people getting news from TikTok, and discuss the risks of Artificial Intelligence with online safety expert Hannah Paul. Plus, have your say on the school mobile phone ban! Stay informed and stay safer online.

Online Safety Show Resources

Taking Part in Online Challenges and Trends

Understand the risks of online challenges and trends and share positive vibes online✌️

Navigating the

Pressure to Buy

Navigate the pressure to buy, question the hype and spot when you’re being sold to 🧐

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Featured Resources

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)

Navigate the pressure to buy, question the hype and spot when you’re being sold to 🧐

Persuasive Design Lesson PowerPoint

Help young people understand the use of persuasive design in the online world with this brand new resource, designed to engage, provoke discussion and enhance understanding of the ways in which the platforms we use hook us in.

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Keeping children and young people safe online doesn’t end when Safer Internet Day is over. It’s a task that requires a whole-school approach every single day. That’s why we keep your app up to date with new resources for parents, carers and school staff all year round.

Teach Hub is packed full of practical, useable resources for the classroom that are designed to be age-appropriate, relevant and up to date with the ever-changing online world. Find your next online safety lesson plan here .

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Explore our Online Safety Centre for practical guides on parental controls, privacy, and safety settings. Find step-by-step instructions on blocking, muting and reporting across popular online platforms, whenever you need them.