YouTube comments bombarded with porn and scams aimed at young people

  • An investigation found that comment sections on certain YouTube channels contained links to pornography sites or online scams.
  • These channels often have large audiences of children and young people, such as that of YouTube content creator, ‘Mr Beast’.
  • The NSPCC head of Child Safety Online Policy commented “YouTube should be taking steps to make sure children aren’t being unwittingly directed to pornographic material or lured into clicking such links.”
  • You can read the full story on the iNews website.

Instagram testing Reels templates

  • Instagram is testing out a new feature called ‘Templates’.
  • This will let creators make ‘Reels’ by borrowing formats from other videos on the platform, with the aim of making ‘Reels’ simpler to create.
  • The feature is currently available for testing for a small number of users and no wider release date has been announced.
  • You can read the full story on The Verge’s website.

EU agrees rules to force big tech to rein in illegal content

  • New European Union rules will mean large online platforms including Facebook, Google and Twitter will have to do more to tackle illegal content or face fines.
  • The Digital Services Act (DSA) aims to ensure that what is illegal offline is seen and dealt with as illegal online.
  • The new rules will come into force in 2024 and include banning advertising aimed at children and allowing EU governments to request removal of illegal content.
  • You can read the full story on the Guardian’s website.