More details of TikTok’s new ‘Re-Post’ option

  • More details have been revealed about TikTok’s ‘Re-Post’ feature which was shared last month.
  • The feature would enable users to re-share TikTok clips to their followers.
  • Videos re-shared with the feature seem to be limited to the ‘For You’ page only and not throughout the entire app.
  • Reposted videos will only be pushed to the feeds of users who follow each other.
  • Additionally, re-shared videos won’t appear in the sharer’s profile.
  • The feature is being tested by a small number of users and no release date has been updated.
  • Our safety card for TikTok can be found here.
  • Full story, here.

Twitter tests new options to restrict ‘Spaces’ access

  • Twitter is testing new options to allow users to restrict who can join audio discussions or facilitate private chat sessions.
  • Twitter Spaces facilitate live group audio conversations between users.
  • The options allow Spaces to be limited to users who are invited or to ‘tweeps’ – meaning followers only.
  • This could provide the ability for private discussions.
  • Spaces were launched a year ago and are still in early stages.
  • Our safety card for Twitter can be found here.
  • Full story, here.

Vulnerable children in Northern Ireland to be offered vaccine

  • Vulnerable primary school children in Northern Ireland are expected to be offered a low-dose COVID-19 vaccine.
  • These are expected to rollout in late January, in line with the rest of the UK.
  • This follows government advice for 5 to 11-year-olds with an underlying health condition to receive two doses eight weeks apart.
  • 5 to 11-year-olds who are household contacts with people who are immunosuppressed have been advised to receive the vaccine too.
  • A decision on vaccinating all children in this age range has not yet been made.
  • Full story, here.

Keeping Northern Ireland schools open is priority

  • Northern Ireland’s Education Minister Michelle McIlveen claims that keeping schools open remains a top priority.
  • There has been no change in COVID-19 guidance for schools.
  • Figures up showed 1,455 staff absences between November and mid-December 2021, before the Christmas break.
  • The Education department is working on “supporting and supplementing” the substitute teacher register
  • Responses have begun to be received from letters sent to recently retired teachers.
  • Full story, here.