TikTok tests new desktop livestreaming app

  • TikTok is currently testing a new desktop streaming app aimed at gaming.
  • The ‘TikTok Live Studio’ app would enable users to broadcast direct from their PCs to TikTok Live.
  • The app facilitates direct streaming from desktop and features a live chat.
  • TikTok Live Studio is currently only available for a small number of users for testing purposes.
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Meta bans surveillance-for-hire firms for targeting users

  • Facebook’s parent company, Meta has banned seven surveillance companies for targeting users on its platforms.
  • A report states that about 50,000 users will receive warnings about the “malicious activities”.
  • Surveillance firms allegedly created fake accounts, befriended target users, and used hacking methods to harvest information.
  • The report revealed that over 1,500 pages had been suspended by Meta across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp following a months-long investigation.
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Periods ‘should be talked about more often’ in NI schools

  • A report by Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) found that Periods should be talked about more often.
  • Increasing conversations about periods would help “to remove the stigma around periods and period poverty”.
  • A three-year pilot scheme to provide free period products in schools has been set up by the Department for Education (DE).
  • More than a quarter of pupils surveyed had difficulty accessing period products and 1 in 12 reported missing school because of this.
  • 70% of teachers said they had noticed a pupil asking other pupils or school staff for period products.
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US schools step up security amid shooting and bomb threats on TikTok

  • Educators in the US have announced plans to increase security in response to TikTok posts warning of shooting and bomb threats at schools.
  • The posts were vague and circulated online warning that multiple schools would receive shooting and bomb threats.
  • Internet companies such as TikTok are generally exempt from liability under US law for the material users post on their networks.
  • Administrators of several schools across the US have reported that police departments would increase their presence around schools.
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