Over 70% of UK adults think social media platforms should do more to protect children

  • Research from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has found that 73% of adults believe social media platforms should do more to protect children online.
  • 78% want social media companies to be held accountable for keeping children off their platform if they are below the required age, with 77% saying that social media platforms should be punished if they do not protect children.
  • There are also high levels of concerns surrounding children viewing self-harm content.
  • The findings come as The Online Safety Bill returned to parliament this week.
  • Former England footballer Jermaine Jenas and parenting expert Joe Frost are among many high-profile public figures, backing the new internet safety laws.
  • For more, go to the Ipsos and GOV.uk website.

Ice warnings after children seen playing on frozen ponds

  • The Royal Life Saving Society has repeated warnings of the dangers of playing on frozen water following the death of four children in Solihull.
  • A member of the Royal Life Saving Society told Radio Wales Breakfast that people should ‘never’ go on ice.
  • He said, “It’s simply not safe. It might appear so on the edges of banks of ponds and rivers and canals, but the further you get out into the centre, the thinner the ice is likely to become, and that’s where people can unfortunately get themselves into danger.”
  • They also warned not to attempt to rescue anyone who has fallen through ice and instead try and throw something which floats, such as a long branch or pole.
  • For more, go to the BBC’s website.

Youth Centre cuts plan will ‘put young people at risk’

  • The Education Authority (EA) has been told planned cuts to funding for youth centres in Northern Ireland will be putting young people at risk.
  • This comes after a protest on Thursday night at the EA’s headquarters.
  • A letter was given to the EA’s chief executive which highlighted the consequences of funding being reduced.
  • The EA said, it “fully understands the vital role youth services play in all communities”.
  • To learn more, go to the BBC’s website.