Three in four girls have been sent sexual images via apps

  • A study by University College London and the University of Kent has found that three in four girls have been sent a sexual image via apps.
  • The study highlights the lack of accountability and identity checking on platforms and criticises reporting functions on the apps.
  • The study found that over half had received sexual images without their consent and didn’t report.
  • 25% told a friend, 5% told their parents and 2% told their schools.
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Twitter suspended accounts accidentally after abuse of new private media policy

  • Twitter has suspended several accounts by mistake after far-right extremists exploited the new private media policy.
  • The policy allows individuals to request takedowns of photos or videos that contain a user’s image.
  • Far-right extremists sought to remove pictures of them taken at hate rallies and remove accounts that keep track of white supremacy rallies.
  • Twitter has faced criticism over the vague language within the new policy, specifically due to the ramifications it could have on journalists and other users who have a legitimate reason for posting images of others online.
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Makers of deepfake videos should be on the sex offender’s register

  • Maria Miller, former Culture Secretary, has stated that those who make sexualised deepfake videos for the purposes of humiliation should face conviction for sex crimes and sign the offender’s register.
  • Miller expressed concern about the trauma caused to victims who have synthetic explicit images digitally made of them.
  • This follows the recommendation by the Law Commission to the Government that they strengthen the law around intimate image abuse, including digitally manipulated images.
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