TikTok accounts hiding Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) in plain sight

  • Many TikTok accounts have become portals for dangerous and disturbing CSAM, by using a setting that makes it only visible to the person logged in.
  • Gaining access to these accounts simply requires a password from the owner of the account.
  • TikTok’s security policies prohibit users from sharing login details however, a Forbes investigation uncovered how easily these policies can be bypassed.
  • Forbes have found a major blind spot where TikTok’s moderation is failing, and a high volume of illegal images are circulating despite a “zero tolerance” policy for CSAM.
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Study finds that children who feel poorer are more likely to have mental health problems

  • Psychologists at the University of Cambridge have found that children who feel poorer are more likely to experience mental health issues and bullying.
  • Children who feel poorer also scored 11% lower in terms of wellbeing compared to those who saw themselves as equal to others.
  • They also found that young people who think they are poorer and those who believe they are richer were both more likely to bully others.
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Parents encouraged to have regular conversations with teens on online safety

  • New research from TikTok and Internet Matters shows that only a third of parents with teenage children speak to them about online safety once a week.
  • 16% said they only speak to their children on the topic every few months.
  • 74% of parents would wait for a trigger, such as a negative change in their child’s behaviour, before speaking to them about online safety.
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