Record amount of online child abuse blocked

  • The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) has said that more online child sexual abuse is being blocked by tech firms than ever before.
  • It has said that its current watch list of URLs containing abuse images stands at 24,649, nearly double what it was in 2021.
  • The IWF has said it showed that the new online safety bill cannot be delayed any longer.
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Northern Ireland paramilitaries ‘coercing and sexually exploiting young people’

  • Northern Ireland’s Children’s Commissioner has described both loyalist and dissident republican paramilitaries using young people “to do their dirty work” including drug dealing and civil disobedience.
  • The Westminster committee heard that paramilitary groups are subjecting young people to coercion, threats and sexual exploitation.
  • The Children’s Commissioner also criticised efforts by the government to address the issues and said police need to do more work to gain confidence with young people from deprived backgrounds.
  • The overarching factors of poverty and inequality in the education system were also highlighted.
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NI Education Authority facing risk over £300m deficit

  • The Education Authority (EA) is facing a “serious degree” of financial risk and a rising budget deficit of £300 million.
  • Inflation, pay pressures and rising energy costs were cited as some of the main factors impacting their budget.
  • In August, the EA has estimated facing a financial gap of £200 million in 2022/23 but this estimate has now risen.
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