Only half of young people agree they feel “supported online” by parents

  • Research from Malwarebytes and 1Password has revealed the need for parents to take an active, prolonged role in preparing their children for staying safe and private online.
  • A key finding highlighted that only 51% of respondents (age 13 to 25) agree with the statement “I feel supported online by my parents”.
  • The research also found that parents and children have different ideas about what will keep them safer online.
  • Whilst a majority of young people want their parents to ask for their consent before sharing photos of themselves online, more than a third of parents who responded said they felt it was ok to share online images of their children as soon as they were born.
  • To find out more, please go to the Malwarebytes website.

TikTok raising age requirement for TikTok live

  • TikTok is raising the age requirement for hosting livestreams on its platform.
  • Currently, you only need to be 16 or older to host a livestream.
  • From November 23rd, users must be 18 years old in order to go live.
  • In addition to a higher age requirement, those hosting livestreams will be able to target adult only audiences.
  • TikTok have said adult only streams could be used for comedy routines or discussing life experiences, which creators may not want younger audiences to watch.
  • Find out more about these new features on the Verge website and the Tech Crunch website.

Eating disorder manifesto and toolkit for schools launched

  • A ‘School Nursing Toolkit’ has been launched by MPs and campaigners with the School and Public Health Nurses Association (SAPHNA).
  • The toolkit aims to empower professionals to talk about eating disorders, including clear information on how to speak to a child or young person who is struggling.
  • It was created to address the rise in eating disorder cases during the pandemic, alongside delays in treatment.
  • Please visit the SAPHNA website to access the toolkit free of charge.

Discord’s ‘Nitro Basic’ launches

  • Discord’s new Nitro Basic unlocks access to all available Nitro perks, including custom emoji and stickers anywhere, HD video streaming and a selection of newly released activities.
  • Their activity features include a YouTube integration, which will allow Discord members to watch YouTube videos in sync.
  • Nitro Basic will be available on October 20th globally for $2.99 a month.
  • Check out the Verge and Discord’s websites.

Ministerial visits halted by industrial action

  • Visits to some schools by the education minister will be halted by industrial action.
  • The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has told its members not to cooperate with unsolicited ministerial and senior civil servant visits.
  • Five teaching unions are taking “unprecedented” joint industrial action over pay.
  • For more, visit the BBC’s website.