The health impacts of TikTok need studied

  • The health impacts of TikTok need studied according to researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
  • Despite TikTok’s popularity and large user base, there is little research into the effects of the platform on its younger users’ health.
  • Marco Zenone, a health policy researcher, believes that it is urgent for researchers to start figuring out if TikTok has similar issues to other platforms.
  • Proposed research agendas include the mental health of teenage girls, the failure to slow conspiracy theories, alcohol use on the platform and more.
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US facial recognition firm faces £27m UK fine for ‘serious breaches’

  • Clearview AI may have gathered data without people’s knowledge, says Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
  • Clearview AI describes itself as the “world’s largest facial network” with a database of over 10 billion images harvested from the internet.
  • The company allegedly collected data from people in the UK without their knowledge from public information, like social media.
  • This technology had been offered on a ‘free trial basis’ to UK law enforcement agencies.
  • The ICO findings show that Clearview broke data protection law by failing to process data from people in the UK in a “fair manner”.
  • The company lacked the processes to stop data being retained indefinitely and no reason to collect the information in the first place.
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New research shows scale of child abuse in sport

  • World Athletics has partnered with a group of university sports partners to produce the study ‘Child Abuse in Sport: European Statistics.’
  • The study investigated a range of issues that can be potentially harmful for young athletes, including verbal harassment, physical violence, sexual abuse, and neglect.
  • Key findings were collected from over 10,0000 adults, including in the UK.
  • 65% reported experiencing psychological violence and 44% experienced physical violence as children.
  • Read the report, here.
  • Full story and key findings, here.

Department of Education reiterates commitment to RSE

  • The Department of Education expresses their commitment to enhancing support, resources and training around relationships and sexuality education (RSE).
  • A review of RSE in schools had been announced previously but is due to be completed.
  • The department is working alongside the Department of Justice to prepare additional guidelines for schools on issues highlighted by the Gillen Review including serious sexual offences and consent.
  • The department has commissioned the Education and Training Inspectorate to carry out an evaluation of delivering effective preventative safeguarding practices in schools.
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