TikTok Users can downvote comments with new ‘Dislike’ Button

  • TikTok users will be able to ‘dislike’ comments on videos.
  • This will provide users with greater control over their comment sections by allowing users to identify comments which may be inappropriate or harmful.
  • This feature is an attempt to encourage community-led moderation.
  • The dislike button will take the form of a thumbs down and will be situated next to the regular heart button.
  • For more on this, go to the Hype Beast’s website.

Watering down Online Safety Bill will ‘put children at risk’

  • Five former culture secretaries have said that children could be put at risk by attempts to rewrite the Online Safety Bill.
  • They have urged the government to introduce the new duty of care laws swiftly.
  • Critics have demanded changes as they believe it could restrict free speech.
  • However, attempts to remove these protections from the Online Safety Bill may expose children to “legal but harmful” content, such as the promotion of self-harm, anorexia and hate speech.
  • Check out our Guide to the Online Safety Bill.
  • Read more about this on the MSN website.

Instagram shares updated Parents’ Guide in line with return to school

  • Instagram has shared an updated version of its Parents’ Guide following young people returning to school.
  • It provides a full overview of the app’s various privacy and control features, with notes to help parents provide support and guidance for their children as they use the app.
  • Since various reports have highlighted the dangers of Instagram to young people and this coincides with new school pressures, the guide may be beneficial to parents.
  • It also includes conversation starters for parents to talk about online safety.
  • Find out more on the Social Media Today’s website.

Instagram building a ‘nudity protection’ tool for direct messages

  • Instagram is working on a new optional tool to help hide unwanted nude images sent to users through direct messages.
  • The tool will be called “Nudity Protection”.
  • It will detect and cover nude photos which have been sent to direct messages.
  • The feature still allows users to view the photos if they wish to, but will keep them covered until they make a decision.
  • You can find out more about this upcoming feature on the Digital Trend’s website.