TikTok now is the latest BeReal knockoff

  • TikTok announced a new feature called ‘Now’, which will send users daily notifications to capture a picture or video using both front and back cameras.
  • Snapchat and Instagram are also developing their own versions of BeReal.
  • The article highlights how easy it is for users to ‘accidentally’ post ‘company secrets’ when using BeReal.
  • For more on this update, go to the Verge website.

Chrome Incognito tab access can now require your fingerprint

  • Beginning in 2020, some Google apps on iOS added a Privacy Screen that requires Touch or Face ID authentication to access.
  • Chrome Incognito tabs on Android phones may now require users’ fingerprints.
  • This means that only the phone owner can access this feature.
  • For more on this new feature, go to the 9to5 Google website.

‘No evidence’ young people are being prioritised in Covid recovery, children’s commissioner warns

  • Young people are being overlooked in plans for long-term recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the north’s children’s commissioner has warned.
  • The ‘A New and Better Normal’ report by the NI Commissioner for Children and Young People made recommendations on helping children in the aftermath of Covid.
  • The report found that “no child was untouched” by the pandemic and “vulnerable children were made much more vulnerable during it and therefore needed the most intervention to recover from its impact”.
  • For more on this, please visit the Irish News website.