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May 16, 2023

WhatsApp unveils new feature to protect ‘your most intimate conversations’

  • Meta have announced new feature ‘Chat Lock’ which will allow WhatsApp users to take a chat thread out of their inbox and put it into a new folder.
  • This would only be able to be accessed by using a password or biometric information, such as a fingerprint.
  • The content of messages in notifications will also be hidden automatically.
  • Users can lock a chat by tapping the name of the user you are messaging or group chat and select the lock option.
  • In order to reveal these chats users must slowly pull down on their inbox and enter their password or biometric information.
  • This comes after warnings from WhatsApp that it could face a UK ban under the upcoming Online Safety Bill.
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Proposed amendment to Online Safety Bill to address misogynistic abuse online

  • A cross-party group of lords is backing an amendment calling for a Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Code of Practice to be written into the Online Safety Bill.
  • This amendment proposes that social media companies should remove abusive misogynistic content and ban repeat offenders or face a fine, while bosses could face jail for persistent breaches.
  • Tory peer Baroness Morgan of Cotes has said that there are codes already in place for other issues such as terrorism and child abuse, but a code is “desperately needed to specifically address the harms to women and girls”.
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TikTok adds a new mental health awareness hub to provide users access to resources

  • TikTok has introduced a new mental health awareness hub which will enable users to learn more about well-being, connect with advocates and support organisations that provide important resources.
  • To access the hub users will have to go to the #MentalHealthAwareness hashtag page and click the link in the description.
  • The hub will be continually updated throughout May and will highlight educational videos, mental health, wellness centred creators and organisations which are dedicated to raise mental health awareness.
  • The hub comes as the American Psychological Association introduced its first ever health advisory on social media and the negative impact social media can potentially have for young people.
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