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May 2, 2023

Reddit is testing chat rooms again

  • Reddit is testing Discord-like channels where users can talk to each other in real time.
  • These channels will be located within various subreddits, allowing users to swap between searching through posts and chatting with other users on a range of topics.
  • Reddit have said they differ to the platform’s Live Chat feature as the chats “will be dedicated spaces, rather than a one-off post.”
  • These conversations can be accessed within the main Chat tab on Reddit’s bottom menu bar.
  • For more, please visit the Verge website.

“Delete Snapchat” searches rise due to dislike of My AI feature

  • Research conducted by CloudTech has found that since Snapchat’s My AI feature has been made available to all users, there has been a 488% increase in the search term “delete Snapchat”.
  • Reports of complaints include the inability to unpin My AI from the top of the chat list until they purchase a Snapchat Plus subscription.
  • Many users are calling for Snapchat to remove the AI bot entirely and others have decided to delete the app altogether.
  • For more please visit the Digital Camera World website.

NI Integrated Education: Department slammed over ‘action plan without any action’

  • The Department of Education (DoE) have been told to ‘get serious’ about integrated education by charity, Integrated AlumNI.
  • They described the DoE’s newly published strategy as a ‘wafer thin’ document.
  • An Integrated AlumNI representative described it as a tiny 10-page document and an ‘action plan’ without any action in it.
  • Campaigners highlighted that a similar department strategy on shared education is 140 pages long and it won’t begin to act on the Integrated Education Act until 2025.
  • The DoE has been urged to create a new implementation framework and strategy that better reflects the need for urgent action.
  • For more, please visit the Belfast Telegraph’s website.