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April 20, 2023

Snapchat launching new features and releasing AI chatbot to all users

  • Snapchat is launching two new shared Story modes, one is called “Communities” which is for people interacting within the same school.
  • The other is called “After Dark” which will allow users to add a story after 8pm and only friends who have posted to the after Dark story will have access to view the Snaps when they’re shared the next morning.
  • Snapchat have also announced that they are updating its Memories feature in launching “Friendship Flashbacks” that will show the user old Snaps saved between themselves and a friend.
  • A new location-sharing mode called “Live Location” will enable a user’s location to be shared indefinitely.
  • They’re adding a “Popular Last Night” tag to the Snap Map to let users see where their friends were hanging out last.
  • Snapchat is also releasing its AI chatbot to everyone for free.
  • For further updates please visit the Verge and the Guardian websites.

Stalled plans for NI autism job ‘hugely frustrating’

  • The Chief Executive of Autism NI has said it is ‘hugely frustrating’ that plans to introduce an autism reviewer have been stalled.
  • This comes after legislation was passed last year which placed a duty on the Department of Health to strengthen autism support and introduce an autism reviewer to scrutinise services.
  • The Northern Ireland Office has said in the absence of an executive, the position cannot be filled.
  • For more, go to the BBC’s website.

Adults in Northern Ireland going without food so children can eat

  • The Consumer Council has carried out research to explore experiences of barriers and concerns adults in Northern Ireland have regarding food.
  • The study found all 22 participants had seen their food costs increase.
  • In households struggling the most, parents discussed going without food so their children had enough to eat.
  • According to the NI expenditure tracker, the lowest earning households have seen their discretionary income fall by almost half in the last year, so they may have less than £19 to spend after bills and living expenses.
  • For the full story, visit the Newletter’s website.