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April 19, 2023

More than 90% of teachers say that safeguarding referrals have risen

  • New survey data from the NSPCC and the teaching union NASUWT has revealed the extent of abuse and neglect faced by children and the role teachers play in keeping them safe.
  • This survey found that 93% of teachers said that the number of safeguarding referrals made within school in the past year had increased.
  • 87% of teachers reported a rising number of neglect referrals.
  • 84% of teachers have also seen an increase in emotional abuse and 50% have seen an increase in sexual abuse.
  • For more please visit the NSPCC’s website.

YouTube have updated its policies on eating disorder content

  • YouTube is updating its guidelines on dealing with eating disorder content.
  • The platform will now ban content about eating disorders that could promote the imitation of these disorders, such as severely restricting calories.
  • YouTube will also ban content that could lead to at risk users to imitate certain behaviours such as weight-based bullying in the context of eating disorders.
  • Videos that are centred on eating disorder recovery or that have sufficient educational or scientific context may be able to receive an age restriction and/or a crisis resource panel.
  • For more please visit the Tech Crunch website.

Research examines whether vaping can ‘entrench’ smoking habits in teenagers

  • US researchers analysed data from teenagers, from over 1,000 young people in the UK and 800 in the US who smoked before the age of 15.
  • They found that 57% of young people in the UK who smoked, also used vapes.
  • Experts have found that smoking and vaping in teenage years, could establish unhealthy and more persistent smoking behaviours in later adolescence.
  • 61% of UK teenagers who vape in their early teens, continued to do so in their late teens, compared with 50% of teenagers who did not vape.
  • They found that teenagers who smoked in early adolescence but did not use vapes, were more likely to not use nicotine in later adolescence.
  • Caitlin Notley who is the professor of addiction sciences at Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia reported that this data supports “a common liability explanation of youth experimental behaviour.”
  • For more, please visit the Independent’s website.