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March 31, 2023

Pupils should do some coursework ‘in front of teachers’ amid AI cheating fears

  • The Joint Council for Qualifications has published guidance for teachers and assessors on AI use in assessments.
  • Schools should make pupils aware of the risks of using AI and the potential consequences of using it “inappropriately” in assessments.
  • The guidance states that students who misuse AI and submit AI produced work for assessment will have “committed malpractice” which may warrant sanctions.
  • The document says that schools and colleges may want to review homework policies and to account for AI use.
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Hostile parenting found to increase risk of lasting mental health problems in children

  • Researchers at the University of Cambridge and University College Dublin have completed a study of more than 7,500 children.
  • They tracked their mental health symptoms at age three, five and nine.
  • Their research suggested parenting which involves being frequently shouted at, being isolated or physically punishing a child made it 1.5 times more likely a child would be at “high risk” of developing poor mental health by age nine.
  • Of the children in the study, around 10% were found to be in a high-risk band for poor mental health including social withdrawal and symptoms of anxiety.
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Axed ‘Holiday Hunger’ payments will have devastating impact on children, says union official

  • A decision has been made by the Department of Education to axe “holiday hunger” payments for children entitled to free school meals.
  • 96,000 children eligible for free school meals received £27 per child each fortnightly during school holidays.
  • The department stated they were ending the scheme “with great reluctance” but due to budget cuts they no longer have the funding.
  • Politicians and trade union officials have expressed anger at the decision by the department describing it as “abhorrent” and “totally unacceptable”.
  • Reportedly only a day’s notice was given to parents, teachers, and pupils about the decision to end vital programmes.
  • The department will also no longer fund Healthy Happy Minds and Engage programme; a mental health and counselling programme for children.
  • Political parties are concerned about the “disastrous impact” this will have on those children who need more support.
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