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February 23, 2023

App to block child abuse images gets £1.8 million EU funding

  • The Protech project are developing a new app called ‘Salus’ which will use AI to identify potential child abuse material and block users from seeing it.
  • It will be tested with volunteers who have sought help because they are compelled to view illegal images and want to refrain from doing so.
  • The Internet Watch Foundation will help to train the AI technology that has been developed by UK company SafeToNet.
  • Members of the project argue that policing alone was not going to stop the downloading of child sexual abuse material.
  • One spokesperson claims they are working on the ‘prevention side’ to reduce the demand and accessibility of these images.
  • For more on this story, please visit the BBC News website.

1 in 4 children’s apps on Google Play collecting personal data from kids

  • New research from Comparitech found as many as one in four apps aimed at children on the Google Play app do not comply with the Information Commissioner’s age-appropriate design code.
  • The vast majority of children’s apps examined violated the guidelines in some way, with the majority collecting personal data of some kind.
  • The age-appropriate design code or Children’s Code sets out standards which online services must follow to comply with UK data protection law for children.
  • Information collected without consideration for these laws included IP addresses, user’s names, addresses, telephone numbers or geolocations.
  • For the full story, please visit the Independent’s website.

Amazon University Esports launches ‘metaverse’ to connect esports and education sectors

  • The virtual world project ‘University World’ allows students to use the metaverse to connect across the globe.
  • Users will be able to customise their avatar, names and perform a series of pre-determined movements and gestures.
  • The project creates a worldwide community for players as users can play minigames to score points and win prizes. An integrated chat feature will also enable players to interact and communicate.
  • The project is available in seven countries and is set to be updated with additional features including, educational materials, news and video workshops.
  • For the full story, please visit the esports insider website.

PSNI officer shot in front of son

  • A senior police officer has been shot at a sports complex in Omagh last night.
  • It has been reported that he remains in a critical but stable condition.
  • He was a high-profile officer who took a leading role in the murder probe of the Natalie McNally case.
  • He was coaching a children’s football game at the time of the attack, and was shot multiple times in front of the children, one of which was his son.
  • The investigation’s main focus, according to Assistant Chief Constable Mark McEwan, is on “violent dissident republicans”.
  • For more on this story, please visit the Irish Examiner website.