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February 20, 2023

Vulnerable student helped launder €9,000 after fraudster contacted her on Snapchat

  • A student allowed a fraudster she met on Snapchat, to use her accounts to transfer €9,000 in criminal activity.
  • The girl who was in financial difficulty, agreed to participate in return for €600 after being told it was “perfectly legal”.
  • She questioned the legality of the request and was sent videos of people saying it was legal.
  • One of the victims received a text claiming to be from Bank of Ireland, stating that his account was compromised and to click a link to log into his account.
  • When he did so, his details were given to an unknown person who gained control of his account and transferred money to several accounts including of those accused.
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People on mental health waiting lists urged not to turn to chatbots

  • Chatbots designs to be digital therapists have grown in popularity over recent years.
  • People who have been waiting months for mental health treatment have been urged not to turn to chatbots as a quick alternative.
  • According to analysis by Future Care Capital (FCC) charity, one in four patients are waiting more than 90 days between attending their first and second appointments for NHS talking therapy treatment.
  • It also found that 87% of people struggling with their mental health were using apps for help.
  • 31% used these kind of tools as they did not want to have to wait for face-to face support.
  • The director of research and innovation at the FCC, has warned that these apps need to be rigorously tested and could “prove to be revolutionary” but “should not be implemented in place of face-face treatment”.
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Explosive discovered near children’s football game

  • Police have said that a suspicious object found during a security alert in Derry/Londonderry was an explosive.
  • The alert began after masked men armed with weapons attempted to take a delivery driver’s car.
  • The explosive was found several hours later close to a sports pitch in Gobnascale where children were playing football.
  • Four men have been arrested.
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