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February 10, 2023

Reddit hacked in phishing attack targeting its employees

  • An administrator of Reddit has revealed that hackers were able to infiltrate their systems on February 5th.
  • Reddit employees received “plausible sounding prompts” which led to a website that mimics the look and behaviour of their intranet gateway, which then stole people’s log-ins.
  • While one employee fell victim to the scheme, they immediately self-reported and the website’s security team responded quickly to cut off the hacker’s access.
  • The Reddit spokesperson said that they were able to access some of the website’s internal docs, code, internal dashboards and business systems.
  • The security team has assured users they found no evidence that their passwords or any non-public data had been compromised.
  • At the time of the investigation, they also found no evidence information stolen had been distributed online.
  • For more, go to the Engadget website.

Research finds children are donating to streamers without parent’s knowledge

  • Research by Virgin Media O2 has shown that over half of parents admit they are unaware that children can donate to content creators online.
  • They found that donating to streamers is amongst the most popular ways for children to spend their money online.
  • Almost a fifth of all children donated to streamers without asking their parents for permission to do so.
  • For the full story, go to the Coventry Telegraph’s website.

NICE backs digital mental health tech for children

  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has given its approval for four digital technologies to support children’s mental health.
  • These technologies include Online Social anxiety Cognitive therapy for Adolescents (OSCA), Online Support and Intervention (OSI) for child anxiety, Lumi Nova digital therapy and the Space Services for teens.
  • These products include a range of games, videos and quizzes based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
  • These can help children and young people learn techniques to help manage symptoms of anxiety or low mood.
  • NICE said they can be used as initial treatment for 5–18-year-olds but it will be for local NHS bodies to determine how these are commissioned once they comply with NHS England’s Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC).
  • For more on this story, please visit the UK Authority website.

Calls for ring fenced funding as young people struggle to access mental health services

  • Children and young people (CYP) across Northern Ireland struggling with mental health conditions are facing waits of over a year for medical appointments.
  • A new report published by the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young people has shown that 2,106 CYP were waiting to access to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) last March.
  • Shockingly 47 children under the age of 4 who were referred only received 10% of the £2.5 million funding promised.
  • Children’s Commissioner Koulla Yiasouma warned that despite numbers being at their highest since monitoring began, wait times are “alarming” with services unable to meet demand.
  • The ‘Still Waiting’ report made 50 recommendations aimed at improving services and despite this, 47% of children and young people are still being forced to wait over the 9-week time target.
  • The report also shows a worrying rise in the amount of emergency and urgent referrals made, which account for 14% of total referrals.
  • Despite progress the current budget crisis could inevitably result in slower progress for many children and young people due to extensive wait times and lack of resources.
  • For more on this story, please visit the Belfast Telegraph’s website.