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March 14, 2024

Children killing animals with catapults will feel ‘huge guilt’ when they grow up, psychologist warns 

  • A behavioural psychologist has warned that children filming themselves using catapults to kill and torture animals will feel a “huge residual guilt” as they grow up.
  • It follows news that a UK-wide network consisting of young children, have been sharing footage of killings in WhatsApp groups.
  • The RSPCA described the material as “horrendous” and warned it was an “emerging trend”.
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WhatsApp now blocks ability to take screenshots of profile pictures 

  • WhatsApp is rolling out a new update which blocks users from screenshotting a contact’s profile picture.
  • Despite the change, you can still screenshot the mini-profile or profile preview that can be expanded when viewing all WhatsApp chats.
  • It has been reported to be a default behaviour and is not limited to a specific app build.
  • For more, please visit the 9 to 5 Google website.

TikTok star Danielle Walsh has alcohol video banned by watchdog 

  • A Belfast influencer who drank four cocktails in under 90 seconds in a TikTok has had her video banned.
  • A complaint made to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) called the video irresponsible, as it encouraged excessive drinking and featured alcohol being served irresponsibly.
  • Ms Walsh has gone viral for sharing videos consuming alcohol drinks at home before going out and has accumulated more than 10.4m likes on the platform.
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