Tinder adds incognito mode and more safety features

  • On Safer Internet Day, Tinder is starting to roll out some new safety features and updates to existing ones.
  • Users will now be able to use an incognito mode, which enables you to control your visibility in only allowing users you “like” to see you in their recommendations.
  • Users will also be able to block profiles that pop up in their suggestions, for example if they see an ex or someone they do not want to see.
  • Long press reporting will enable users that have received an offensive message to tap and hold to swiftly report it.
  • Tinder have also made changes to features called “Are You Sure” and “Does This Bother You”, which encourages users to report inappropriate conversations.
  • Tinder have said the features will detect more language that it deems harmful or inappropriate, including sexual harassment, exploitation and hate speech.
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Archie Battersbee: Inquest into death of boy at centre of life-support battle begins

  • 12-year-old Archie’s life support was withdrawn last year after his parents failed in bids to overturn a High Court as doctors were legally allowed to stop treatment.
  • Doctors treating him thought he was brain stem dead and therefore treatment was not in his best interests.
  • Archie’s mother believed he may have been taking part in an online challenge before suffering brain damage.
  • The inquest will cover Archie’s medical cause of death, state of mind and intentions.
  • Threatening WhatsApp messages targeting her son have been released as part of the inquest process, however it is not clear whether they are related to the death of Archie.
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OpenAI boss reveals what ‘scares him most’ about AI

  • Sam Altman, who launched the ChatGPT chatbot, revealed that the ability of generative AI to create revenge porn was a “great concern” to him.
  • Generative AI enables people to create content like audio, text, and video by issuing simple commands.
  • The tech CEO said that preventing harmful outcomes will be the responsibility of both the tech companies building the AI and the people using it.
  • OpenAI is already planning to launch a successor to ChatGPT, called GPT-4 later in the year, which Mr Altman claims will be a great improvement on ChatGPT.
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Safety guide for schools to teach TikTok dangers to children launched

  • A safety guide has been launched by INEQE Safeguarding Group to help schools in NI deal with the risks of TikTok.
  • Launching the new guide at Ashfield Girls High School, Head of Service at INEQE, Colin Stitt urged schools to get involved and learn how to use TikTok as safely as possible with TikTok’s continual rise to prominence.
  • The guides are available for schools and for parents and carers, brought to you by SaferSchools NI, The Department of Education and the Education Authority.
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Teen boys groomed into drug-running by perceived lavish lifestyle

  • Police in Northern Ireland have warned that teenage boys are being recruited and used as “drug runners” by older criminals.
  • Young men are being groomed at an early age by the lure of a “lavish lifestyle”.
  • The Organised Crime Branch of the PSNI seized nine firearms during searches in Portadown on Monday.
  • A number of swords and machetes were also seized including samurai style weapons and a large sword.
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