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January 18, 2024

Unredacted Meta documents reveal ‘historical reluctance’ to protect children 

  • Internal Meta documents about child safety reveal the company was not only aware of the mass amounts of inappropriate and sexually explicit content being shared between adults and minors but marketed its platforms to children.
  • However, Meta prioritised growth over child safety and failed to implement adequate safeguards.
  • This lack of action has raised concerns about Meta’s commitment to protecting children online.
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More than a third of Facebook Marketplace ads could be scams – with customers losing up to £60m in 2023, study finds 

  • A study reveals that over a third of ads on Facebook Marketplace may be scams, potentially causing UK customers to lose up to £60 million in 2023.
  • The TSB retail banking chain’s fraud team found 34% of the listings were fraudulent, with sellers using tactics commonly used by fraudsters.
  • Consumers using Facebook Marketplace are urged to report scams immediately so appropriate action can be taken.
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Samsung to add Google AI tech to new series of smartphones 

  • Samsung is incorporating Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its new series of Galaxy smartphones.
  • This integration is expected to bring improved features and functionality to Samsung smartphones.
  • The new phones will also introduce Google’s “Circle To Search, “which allows users to circle text, photos or videos to get instant search results.
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