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November 15, 2023

1 in 4 parents believe child is addicted to gaming, research suggests

  • Research from digital identity security specialists, ID Crypt Global, has revealed that a quarter of parents in the UK believe their child is addicted to gaming, with them becoming annoyed, frustrated or angry from playing their gaming device.
  • The survey of over 1,300 UK parents found that a third said their child games for more than 10 hours a week.
  • 42% of parents reported that their child spends less time outside because they game, with 23% reporting that that their child is addicted to gaming.
  • The CEO and Founder of ID Crypt Global, Lauren Wilson-Smith stated: “The dangers of online gaming and the platform it provides for strangers to communicate with our children have been long documented, but it’s fair to say that the evolution of gaming has also presented other concerns far beyond these immediate safety threats.”
  • She continued, stating that children are exposed to the “highs and lows of gambling at a far younger age, encouraging addictive behaviour in the process”.
  • Lauren argued that it is vital we have security measures in place to monitor activities and act if needed.
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PSNI in new data breach as identity of female officer who made complaint is leaked

  • The breach exposed the identity of a female officer who made complaints of sexual harassment and assault.
  • The officer had her personal details and the nature of the complaints posted online, causing both security fears and further trauma for the complainant.
  • The details of the male officer accused, who was investigated and subsequently received a verbal warning, were also posted.
  • The male officer was given documentation detailing the complaints and the outcome, which was taken home and stored in the attic of the officer’s home.
  • Following the massive PSNI data breach, the policeman later moved out of the property but forgot to retrieve the files. The documents were subsequently discovered by an unknown person and posted online.
  • The woman reported the leak to seniors, who are legally obliged to inform the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which will conduct its own independent investigation.
  • The PSNI have said “As there is an ongoing misconduct investigation, it would be inappropriate to comment”.
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Bail refused to man (71) extradited to NI to face child sex charges

  • The man from Poland appeared at Dungannon Magistrates Court charged with two counts of sexually assaulting a female child on dates between June 2015 and September 2016.
  • The alleged victim was aged under 13 at the time.
  • Opposing bail, the detective said police considered him a flight risk and said officers could not locate his passport.
  • He advised the defendant’s partner has also travelled to NI and is in possession of his passport which she was ready to surrender to police.
  • District Judge Michael Ranaghan ruled: “Arrest Warrants were necessary to get this matter progressed. The alleged charges are extremely serious involving sexual offences against a child aged under 13. I find there is a risk of flight and on that basis I am refusing bail.”
  • He was remanded in custody to appear again by video-link on November 22nd.
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