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November 3, 2023

TikTok says it’s removed millions of fake accounts since start of Israel-Hamas war

  • In a statement TikTok have reported removing 925,000 videos “in the conflict region” and millions more “pieces of content” from around the world.
  • This follows criticism claiming that the platform is falling short in its moderation duties amid the Israel-Hamas war.
  • The platform has also reported removing more than 24 million fake accounts and more than half a million bot comments on content with hashtags related to the conflict globally since 7th October.
  • TikTok has said claims that its algorithm disproportionately promoting pro-Palestinian content were based on an “unsound analysis” of its data.
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Tech firms to allow vetting of AI tools, as Musk warns all human jobs threatened

  • Under the agreement announced by Bletchley Park, “like minded” governments and AI companies including Meta, Google DeepMind and OpenAI have agreed to allow regulators to test their latest AI products before releasing them to the public.
  • Large language models, which underpin tools such as ChatGPT, will be tested in collaboration with governments against a range of dangers including national security, safety and societal harms.
  • Sunak said agreements reached with multiple countries and AI companies had significantly reduced the threat posed by the technology.
  • Elon Musk reported that he believed the summit had achieved a meaningful shift the development of advanced AI: “Simply having an insight and being able to highlight concerns to the public will be very powerful”.
  • Sunak said he recognised concerns about AI eliminating jobs, but workers should view the technology as a “co-pilot than something that necessarily is going to replace someone’s job”.
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Mum’s appeal after alleged ‘homophobic attack’ in Belfast on Halloween night

  • The mother of a teenage girl who was injured in an alleged ‘homophobic attack’ in Belfast city centre at around 10.30pm on Halloween night has spoken up about her daughter’s ordeal.
  • She has said the incident has ‘shook up and upset’ her daughter.
  • The concerned mother said her daughter had been waiting at a bus stop in the area before the ‘unprovoked attack’.
  • The young girl’s head was reportedly slammed into the pavement by one male while others contributed to the alleged assault.
  • The PSNI brought the girl home following the incident.
  • The investigation is ongoing and the PSNI are appealing for information on the attack.
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