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October 18, 2023

Black headteachers in UK say pupils crying out for ‘people who look like them’

  • Black headteachers from across the UK have written letters to the next generation of school leaders, urging them to become role models for students who wish for teachers who “look like them”.
  • These letters have been compiled in a book by headteacher of a primary school in Greenwich, south-east London, Amanda Wilson.
  • The book is aimed at encouraging black teachers to pursue leadership positions to combat under-representation in the teaching sector.
  • Research has shown that applicants to initial teacher training who are recorded as Black have the lowest acceptance rate.
  • In 2021, of the 20,786 headteachers in England, only 1% were Black.
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Teacher awarded £45k after students made up sex assault claims ‘for fun’

  • A teacher at a school in England has been awarded almost £45,000 after he was fired over sexual assault claims.
  • Pupils later admitted that they had made the claims up “for fun”.
  • Following the allegations, he was suspended from the Plymouth school, despite older girls reporting that the accusers admitted to them they made it up.
  • The teacher was arrested and dismissed for “gross misconduct”, an employment tribunal was heard and his appeal against losing his job was rejected despite the dropped charges.
  • He was previously subject to false rumours in 2021 which also resulted in a suspension at the time.
  • In the most recent case, an employment judge upheld the teacher’s claim of unfair dismissal and criticised the school’s investigation into the girls’ allegations.
  • The judge declared that the school’s investigation fell short of what would be expected and “accepted the evidence of the younger pupils without challenge or exploration and discounted, ignored or avoided finding contrary evidence.”
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West Belfast Community worker outlines ‘scary’ increase in number of young people vaping

  • It comes as the UK Government has launched an eight-week consultation in a bid to tackle the issue of children using the devices.
  • The proposals include restricting vape flavours and regulating the packaging, so it doesn’t target children.
  • Dr Dara O’Donoghue, a consultant respiratory paediatrician, stated: “Increasingly over the last six to 12 months we’ve noticed that children are coming in having had exposure to vapes and we’re just concerned that that’s exacerbating, or worsening their symptoms.”
  • Dr O’Donoghue also reported that children are trying to conceal their vaping use and are trying to speak to them one to one without parental presence.
  • She further quoted that a fifth of UK children have used vapes in the last year.
  • Winter is a time when respiratory viral infections increase, and Dr O’Donoghue stated this is an opportunity to address vaping habits and stop this happening”.
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