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June 26, 2023

‘Sextortion’ schemes targeting 2 out of every 3 teens

  • Research conducted by Snap Inc, which owns Snapchat, has found about two out of every three teenagers are targeted by “sextortion” schemes.
  • Sextortion is when perpetrators exchange or receive nude photos from victims over the internet, then use the images to extort them for money or more nude photos.
  • The article reports that young men are disproportionately targeted for money whereas young girls are more often targets for explicit images.
  • 65% of teenagers on Snapchat and other apps said they or their friends were targets of sextortion in which they were “catfished” or “hacked” for private information.
  • Almost a third of the teenagers surveyed who became targets of the scams shared explicit or private images.
  • For more, please go to the Fox Business website.

Google introduces new accessibility and collaboration features for classrooms

  • Google have introduced new accessibility and learning features at the International Society for Technology in Education expo.
  • Features include the expansion of the reading mode, pairing with a sign language interpreter in Google Meet and AI-Powered question suggestions in class.
  • Google are currently accepting applications to try out the above features in English.
  • For the full story, go to the Tech Crunch website.

Figures show 15 kids are reported missing in NI every day

  • According to PSNI data, 40,177 cases of young people disappearing have been investigated in the last seven years.
  • Alliance Party MLA John Blair, a member of the Policing Board, stated that a young people’s strategy recently launched by the PSNI must examine why so many cases occur.
  • The PSNI’s website includes guidance for families who want to report someone missing, including information they require to aid in the searches, such as their physical description and medical conditions.
  • As recently as 13th June 2023, the PSNI launched its Children and Young People’s Strategy with assistance from young people in drafting the strategy and taking it forward.
  • John Blair, reported that the strategy aims to “maximise inter-agency co-operation and actions and it is vital that this work also includes examination of issues around children reported missing.”
  • For more, please visit the Belfast Telegraph website.

PSNI warn teens ‘one punch can kill’ after spate of organised fights in north coast area

  • Police are urging parents and carers to be aware of what their children are doing during the summer holidays, after recent organised fights across the Causeway Coast and Glens area.
  • PSNI Chief Inspector Sinead McIldowney reported that a video circulated online of an assault in Portstewart.
  • Police have identified several suspects that were involved.
  • The detective urged young people not to share and comment on these videos, as this can be very upsetting for the involved families.
  • She argued that parents and guardians need to take responsibility to know what young people are doing when they leave the house.
  • She further urged them to closely monitor the social media apps their children are using and talk to them about the dangers of being caught up in antisocial behaviour.
  • For more, please visit the Belfast Telegraph website.